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Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall....
Obviously my expectations for blogging every day were a bit unrealistic. I suppose I'd forgotten how much teaching drains me! Isn't it odd how the things that refill our creativity reservoirs are the very things that we don't want to do when we are running on empty?

Oh well, it's a new day and this is a new blog and I'm going to change my goal to blogging at least once a week.

So I was reading this article in Time magazine the other day, about animal intelligence. Apparently, studies are showing more and more these days that animals are actually far more intelligent than we thought. One way scientists determine intelligence in animals is to hold a mirror in front of them. If they respond in a way that shows they realize the reflection is their own, that is a whole bunch of smart points for that animal. If they run around to the other side to try and find the 'other' animal they think they see, then no smart points for them. I'm not sure how fair this test is, since it takes human beings a few years to understand what their reflection is...

Anyway, this got me thinking, it's not like humans are great with mirrors either. I mean how often do we look at ourselves in the mirror and have a hard time recognizing what is there? And what does a mirror really show us anyway? How many hours do we spend battling it out with the mirror, trying to get past those flaws that scream at us or trying to envision what other people see when they look at us? Perhaps the human issue with mirrors isn't what we don't see in them, but that we try to see TOO much. Maybe it would give us a few smart (and confidence) points if we understood that a mirror shows us JUST a reflection of our physical selves and not some deep embodiment of who we are as people.

Just a thought. I'll post the lyrics to this old Caedmon's Call song I used to listen to all the time, I believe they are quite fitting:

Who are you that lies when you stare in my face
Telling me that I’m just a trace of the person I once was
Cause I just can't tell if you're telling the truth or a lie
On you I just can't rely
After all you're just a piece of glass

Who are you that lies when you stare in my face
Telling me that I’m just a trace of the person I once was
Cause we're not the same, you're just a picture of me
You’re gone as soon as I leave; you've lived my life for me
And you're no more than a piece of glass
You're no more than just a piece of glass

May your reflection smile back at you this time around!


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