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Forever Young...
Today's topic: aging. Okay, okay, I'll admit: at the ripe young age of 23, I really don't know that much about aging yet, but it is becoming a lurking-at-the-corners-of-my-thoughts kind of thing. I'm not checking for wrinkles or gray hairs yet, but I have been thinking about it more on an emotional level. As a teenager going from thirteen to sixteen or sixteen to nineteen is a HUGE jump. So much life happens, and you change and grow as a person so quickly, that something that happened just a few years ago seems like LIFETIMES ago. On the way home today, I heard a song that got pretty popular back in 2007. I remember because all my sorority sisters and I danced to it on bid day with our "new hoots". It didn't feel like I was reminiscing on the past as I mulled over that memory, but then I realized that that was THREE years ago! I still feel like the same person,like although a lot has changed since then (marriage, education status, job, location) not much has changed ME. Am I a fairly static being from now on? Will I look back in my thirties on my twenties and say, "who was I then?" or will I be largely the same person? I would like to constantly be growing and evolving but how much will I really change? It's just a strange feeling to, after all these years of massive change, know that my mold is pretty much set and I'll be me for the rest of forever! Maybe?....

May this find you settled into (or growing into) a "you" that you are happy with!



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