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New LJ Project
It's crazy how often I get so bogged down in the day to day sludge of life that I forget what great things have happened to me! I am blessed, friends, and it is time to start recognizing that more often! So, as a way to remind myself of this, I'm going to do a little journal montage of blessed moments. Hopefully you will enjoy. With Fall quickly approaching, I think I'll start with one of my favorite Fall memories:

You are looking down at two girls, laying on their backs in the sand, staring up at the sunset above them. Thin-framed, and blonde, these girls are dwarfed by the wide expanse of beach, sky, and ocean surrounding them. They seem to be soaking in the beauty around them, aware that they are small in comparison, exhausted after an afternoon of surfing in chilly waters. With wetsuits rolled down around their waists, the water evaporating off their upper bodies leaves a fine dusting of chill bumps- a reminder of the sweet, crisp relief that only Fall in the South brings. The orange and pink streaked sky gives off a last few remnants of warmth that seem to reach all the way to the girls' spirits.

The girls do not speak, do not need to speak, but are still in the knowledge that this moment is a gift from God.

It is a friendship that has, up to this point, been forged mainly on the shared sorrow of heartbreak and a long, dry summer. The rich palette of the sky soaring over them, the gentle lapping of the ocean on the their legs playfully pulling them further in, provides a soothing calm on their stormy hearts, and they lay celebrating this turning-point. It might be more fitting for this moment to happen in the Spring, when old death falls away to reveal new life and hope for bright days ahead, but instead it happens here in late October, as if to say, "this winter will be far warmer than the past summer, just hold on."

The girls look at each other and smile, and promise to remember this moment of peace, beauty, and strength forever. They pick themselves up off the sand, lug their boards underarm, and look off to the right as the last of the sun melts over the horizon, standing as an unconscious sign of respect and gratitude to the ultimate Artist. They walk away and behind them, the tide overtakes and washes away their slender footprints, but it takes with it several months of tears, tears intermingled and lost forever in the wide, blue, deep.

Micah 7:19-- "He will again have compassion on us;...Yes, You will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea."

*Erica: I hope you still treasure this memory as much as I do. I hope that in Colorado, you not only have another moment like this (we may only hope for one, they are few and far between!), but someone to share in it with you, who appreciates it as much as you do.


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