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First a while at least!
     First, I will start off with my reasons for starting up this blog. It seems like a silly thing to do, a cry for attention, a need to be recognized, a yearning for my "fifteen minutes" even if it is with only one or two readers. And maybe that is some of it, if that's the case, then I'm okay with it. But I was teaching my 11th grade Writing and Research class one day last week, and trying to explain to my young (potential) writers why it's important to write. I was trying to show them that writing is not always meant to be shored up in privacy, but shared with others, because (I believe) it is an exercise in validation of our humanity. Life is all about connections, those tenuous bonds we hold with each other are what separate us from animals. That common sharing of spirit that so often happens when writing is read- that is why I believe people should share their writing with at least one person. As I (tried) to get my students to understand this, I realized what a hypocrite I am. When was the last time I shared my writing? It's been four years at least!  So, off I set, in this journey of celebration of spirit!

     Do I dare be so bold as to set the goal of blogging every day? As afraid as I am of not being able to hold to such commitments, why not? So, dear readers(not that I have any as I write this), please forgive me as I stumble through these first few entries until I find my voice again. They will be cumbersome and murky, but what counts is that I'm writing them!


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