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The shoes I wear, you don't own a pair...
Hello world,

Currently laughing at my husband's Lil Wayne impressions, and my dog's reaction to said Lil Wayne impressions...

Today was one of those days: didn't want to get up, nothing to wear, bad hair, not prepared enough for class, wild, disrespectful kids...the list goes on! My skin just didn't feel like it fit quite right (not to sound too Buffalo Bill) and I was downright monster-ly there for a while as I wondered whether I was completely unsuited to be a teacher at all. Naturally, I drove right home to push my negative energy and grump vibes right onto the one I love most, but as usual, his resiliency and good nature shone through to a victory over Team Ill Kerri. All it took was a good idea on how I could reward well behaved classes (what I like to do!) as opposed to punishing them (what I hate doing!) to put a smile on my face and get me excited about another day ahead to spend with those hellion teenagers.

It's easy to get caught up in the hum-drum of everyday, mundane human existence. We often live our lives based on the assumption that we are supposed to hate our jobs, "survive" until the weekend or holiday,  and just get by while we wait for greatness and excitement to fall in our laps. My great-grandmother, one of the most lively, interesting people I've ever known (and I'm not just saying that because I'm her begotten) used to tell people to "do something different every day". I used to think that was impractical advice. Who has time to take a different route home? Eat something unusual? Try something new? Do something truly  "different"? But I think I understand what she meant now. We have to get fresh perspective and constantly be searching for different ideas in order to keep our day-to-day new and exciting!

So as I end my second daily entry looking forward to a new day tomorrow, I hope you are reading this with the same feeling!

May your cup overflow!

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I feel like you are in my brain. My day was really crappy too. This made me feel better though!

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